Colour Shaper Soft Flat Chisel #16

Colour Shaper Soft Flat Chisel #16

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Colour Shapers are highly versatile painting tools which can be used for painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpting. With a handle like a brush, Colour Shapers have a silicone tip and are available in 5 shapes, with 2 levels of firmness, and a variety of sizes. Both firmnesses can be used with paints, glazes, wax, plaster, pastels, and adhesives, and can even be used to blend or smudge pastels and charcoal.

Colour Shapers allow you to move paint easily, apply pastel, carve images in wet paint, sculpt clay, and remove paint. They can be used alongside regular brushes to create a variety of decorative effects. Because the tips do not absorb paint like a brush, they can be simply wiped clean, or dried paint can just be peeled off.

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Colour Shaper Soft Flat Chisel #16
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