Itoya Nakabayashi Hikigiri Scissors - Citrus (Gold)

Itoya Nakabayashi Hikigiri Scissors - Citrus (Gold)

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7" long with a blade length of 2-3/4"

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Gorgeous and ergonomic, Itoya's Hikigiri Scissors are designed for artists. Made of stainless steel, but coated with titanium, they resist glue and adhesives and are incredibly strong and durable. Hikigiri means "pulling cut" in Japanese. While most regular scissors use a cutting method called
pressing cut" that simply presses the flat blade down, these use a "pulling cut" that pulls the curved top blade downward for a smoother and more precise cut. Slender for precision and easy maneuvering, but the padded handles make for comfortable use on even the largest projects.

Part No./SKU HS-10-CS
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Price $23.49
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