RayMar Portrait Linen Panel  9 x 12 in.

RayMar Portrait Linen Panel 9 x 12 in.

Price: $32.49

Professional quality
Commercially produced
1/8th inch hardboard
pH neutral adhesive
Permanent barrier against moisture and mold
Canvas adhered uniformly
Melamine impregnated backing balances panel to resist warping
100% archival museum quality

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RayMar portrait linen panel is a professional-grade, woven to exacting standards, is hand prepared and ideal for portrait and figure work. The proven techniques from the times of the great Flemish and Dutch masters prevail. Victore Claessens' descendents have made a conscious choice to honor the traditional methods he began in 1906. Today artists all over the world consider the name Claessens to be synonymous with fine linen.

The linen is grown, sorted and processed with great care. Priming consists of applying synthetic glue which is less sensitive to humidity than hide glue. The coating consists first of a double layer of glue to make it smooth and sturdier and to help resist the acids in oil paints. Next the coating itself is a mixture of linseed oil as a binder with either zinc white or titanium white as grounds and pigments. And in accordance with Belgian and European legislation toxic lead paint has not been used for years.

With a 57.9 TPI warp and 58.4 TPI weft at 11.35 ounces per square yard, 4 layers of priming and a finish coat the result is museum quality linen without equal.

Part No./SKU 13DP912
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Price $32.49
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