The Gardenerís Colour Wheel 9.25"

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The Gardenerís Colour Wheel 9.25"

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Colour Theory for Gardeners. Itís easy! There are only two ways to use colour in the garden; contrast and harmony. Contrast is based on difference. Complementary colours, such as red and green, have nothing in common. They are direct opposites on the colour wheel and produce lively, attention-getting contrast. Harmony is based on likeness. Adjacent colours on the colour wheel, such as red, orange-red, red-orange, and orange are harmonious. There is red in all four colours. The likeness results in a pleasing harmony.

Use this tool to help you plan the garden of your dreams!

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The Gardenerís Colour Wheel
A Guide To Planning Colour In The Garden
9.25" (23.5cm) Diameter

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