The Original Incredible Nib

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The Original Incredible Nib

Price: $17.79

Ideal for applying liquid frisket, watercolour, acrylic, tempera, gouache, tole, silk and fabric paints. Great precision and control. Points stay firm when wet.

Applying Frisket:
Rinse the nib in clean water before dipping into the frisket. Use a light touch and let the frisket flow onto the surface. The lighter the touch, the thinner the line. Rinse the nib frequently while applying frisket and after use.

Dip the nib in water. Blot off excess. Saturate nib in water-based medium. The nib will give you a continuous, graded stroke from dark to light. Use against a straight edge for fine lines.

Nib is dishwasher safe (Be sure to use the cool dry cycle).

Made in the USA.

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Original Incredible Nib

Part No./SKU 1PN1
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