Watercolour Wheel 9.875"

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Watercolour Wheel 9.875"

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This Watercolour Wheel is designed to give a clear visual picture of how 12 common colours (Cadmium Yellow, Process Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue, Payne’s Gray, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Phthalocyanine Green, Violet, Orange, Cadmium Red, Permanent Rose) combine to help artists in mixing colours.  

There are many variables in mixing and printing colours. These colour combinations were made with artist quality paint in an approximate 50% reduction, so using student quality paint will result in lighter colours. The 12 featured colours are mass tones. On the front, align an outside wheel colour with any of the inside colours, the brushes point to the window showing the result. The back side of the wheel illustrates actual pure colour washes from mass to undertone.

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Watercolour Wheel
9.875" (25cm) Diameter

Part No./SKU CW3459
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