Watermedia Painting with Stephen Quiller

Watermedia Painting with Stephen Quiller

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Watermedia Painting with Stephen Quiller: The Complete Guide to Working with Watercolor, Acrylics, Gouache, and Casein

Author: Stephen Quiller
Publisher: Watson-Guptill

Join renowned artist Stephen Quiller, the creator of the famous Quiller Wheel, the Quiller Palette, and the Quiller lines of paints, on a journey of art discovery and exploration. Watermedia Painting with Stephen Quiller is an in-depth look at all the watermedia paints available to today’s artists. Part One looks at watercolours, with illustrations of the visual characteristics of the mineral (sedimentary) and transparent (staining) and their effects with different paper surfaces. Part Two focuses on acrylics, gouache, and casein. In Part Three, Quiller shares his secrets for the most difficult aspect of painting—developing a personal style and vision. Packed with Quiller’s thoughts and ideas on painting philosophy, the meditative and spiritual aspects of art, photographing art, travel, and building a studio, this is an inspiring guide to living a creative life and creating art.

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