Winsor & Newton ProMarker Dual-Tip Set of 6 - Metallics

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Winsor & Newton ProMarker Dual-Tip Set of 6 - Metallics

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High-quality, dye-based colour:
The colour dyes used in Promarkers ensure even colour lay down, with outstanding vibrancy and tonal variation. Unlike felt tipped pens or low grade markers, Promarker colours appear perfectly even, with no unsightly streaking.

Translucent inks perfect for layering:
Promarker colours have a translucent quality and can be layered to achieve varying depth and opacity. Going over the same spot creates a darker tone of the same colour, enabling a versatile range of shading effects.
Easy to blend:
Discover the wide range of tones from each colour with the colourless Promarker blender that can be used to soften and merge colours together.

Surface versatile:
Promarkers can be used on a variety of surfaces, including acetate, glass, plastic and even wood.

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Winsor & Newton ProMarker Dual-Tip Set of 6 - Metallics
6 Promarker Metallic : Violet Blue Green Silver Gold Red Gold
Promarker Metallic offers intense, shimmery colours, perfect for adding highlights and texture to your designs. The pigment-based ink used is lightfast enough to provide long-lasting results. It also blends well with water to create further metallic effects. Each pen is twin-tipped, with a broader bullet nib suitable for filling in large areas, and a smaller one for detailed work.

Part No./SKU 0290135
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Price $35.99
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